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College is scary. There are no ifs, ands, or buts about it. The teachers are intimidating and the students are scary and as you’re wandering around the campus looking at your schedule you’re wondering if it’s HAR for Hardenbergh Hall or if it was a mistype and had meant HAS for Hasbrouk Hall. For a two year college, it’s harder to meet people because there isn’t any housing on campus like four year colleges and the social life is mostly small circles of kids who already knew each other before entering college.

There is a way around that vicious cycle of “oh my gosh who are these people” and that is joining a sport. As said previously, SUNY Ulster is a two year college and since either you know some people or you know no one, the best bet to meet people and to be most comfortable in your four (or three, two, one) semesters here is to join one of the sports that are offered giving you a great opportunity.

In the fall there is the Men’s Soccer team, the Men’s and Women’s Cross Country team, and the Women’s Volleyball team who made the fourth spot on the Division III NJCAA standings. In the Winter Men’s Basketball is played and in the spring Baseball, Men’s Golf, Men’s Tennis, and Softball are all played. For each season, there is some way for girls and boys to get to know one another and for people to get connected with each other.

Your teammates are there to support you. College is a stressful and difficult time for anyone and to be able to socialize and have someone next to you to pat you on the back makes all the difference. Your teammates motivate you to do your best in your sport and in your studies and your team makes you want to be the best that you can be. It doesn’t matter if your team is one of the better ones in fact it doesn’t even matter if your team is one of the less successful ones. What matters is that the teammates and the athletes have the camaraderie that bind them together.

So, if you are feeling at a loss with this semester with meeting new people, the best idea that there is would be to join one of the four sports that are offered. You can get exercise and get motivated to have a fantastic semester here at SUNY Ulster.

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