Get Ready to Graduate!

by Allegra Condon

Graduate smiling and holding balloons at graduation

For a number of you, it’ll soon be time for celebrating your achievements at Ulster with friends and family at graduation! You’re busy with finishing your current classes and getting ready for life as an Ulster graduate, but don’t forget about graduation itself. Here’s a few important things to keep in mind.

Apply for Graduation

The deadline for your graduation application is March 2, 2018. If you don’t submit the application, you cannot attend graduation or receive your diploma on time. Make sure it’s submitted by the 2nd, and check its status afterward!

Attending the Ceremony? Get Your Gear!

The deadline to order your regalia generally comes within a month or two after your graduation application. In order to attend graduation, you will need to dress in the basic regalia, but you will also have the option to purchase added tassels and sashes if you are in a special club or are an honors student. All parts of the regalia are purchased through the bookstore.

Attend the Practice Ceremony

A few weeks before graduation, there will be an information session for you to attend that will explain what will happen on graduation day. It’s important that you attend this, as you will learn how the graduation will proceed, find out where you should be at certain times, and get your last-minute checklist for what you will need.

Don’t Forget the Diploma

On graduation day, you receive your diploma cover, but not the actual diploma. That shows up at the registrar’s office in mid-June, whether you went to graduation or not. Don’t forget to make sure you receive it. You can stop by the registrar’s office to pick it up or have it sent to you, but make sure you specify in case you’re moving or won’t be at your mailing address after graduation. The diploma cover is no fun without the diploma inside!

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