Volleyball: Lady Senators will go far this season

Our very own Ulster Senators are working hard for an impeccable season this year with the guidance of Coach Glenn Warnock, and Assistant Coaches Kerry Malak and alum Jessica Muller. Their hard work and dedication to this year’s team has shown in the 3-2 ongoing record, with losses against Orange and Queensborough Counties.

D2 Ulster Women's Volleyball

D2 Ulster Women’s Volleyball

The starting Senators consist of veterans Carrigan Buhler, Cianna Vigrass, Erica Prindle, Marianna Mena, Katie Slater and with new additions Valentina Villa, and Lindsey Harder. Practicing everyday after classes, our lady Senators are training hard to proliferate their talents and cooperate as a team to go far this season. The girls already have an obvious bond, while only knowing each other for just a few weeks, and have already established a familial connection, which is hard to see, as well as attain within a group of girls. Their dedication and common love and passion for volleyball is seen on and off the court, as many of the girls will spend their off time in the gym just peppering and practicing. It has become very uncommon to see any these girls around campus without a volleyball, and you just know that if they keep up this focus, they will get very far this season. With upcoming away games at Dutchess Community College and Westchester Community College this week, the girls are working hard, as well as keeping their studies in check, giving us a reason to keep fueling our pride to be Ulster Senators.


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