Meet our Student Admissions Ambassadors

Here at SUNY Ulster, we have an elite team of student ambassadors that are in charge of portraying the persona of the student community. They are in charge of helping prospective and new students gain special insight into the SUNY Ulster experience through a student’s own perspective. Student Ambassadors are available to help a prospective student make an informed decision about the college, by sharing their own personal experiences with them.

Being a Student Admissions Ambassador will help a SUNY Ulster student earn valuable experience to boost their resume, help them develop excellent communication and leadership skills, make important connections for their future, get SUNY Ulster gear to wear for Admissions events, and most importantly, get to know other SUNY Ulster students. One of the most attractive benefits of being a Student Admissions Ambassador is that one can serve as an Admissions Tour Guide and receive payment in the summer for service.

In order to become a Student Admissions Ambassador, one must have excellent communication skills in one-on-one and group settings, good listening skills, be organized, possess excellent time management skills, and be able to work with a diverse group of students with different needs. They should have a positive attitude, be outgoing, enthusiastic, dependable15281014_10207618412525417_617954290_n, and in good academic standing. Anyone can be a Student Admissions Ambassador, from someone with a history in community service and volunteerism to having a strong interest in public relations and marketing. They serve as volunteers at various Admissions events, are able to help staff with recruitment efforts at local college fairs and community events, contribute to social networks, set up to assist prospective student, participate in open houses, lead campus tours for prospective students and visitors, and best of all, earn college credit as an intern.

It’s a great way to become involved right off the bat and immerse the average student in the college experience, as well as the local community. They meet on Wednesdays at 1pm in the Dining Hall. In order to become more involved myself, I met with one of the Student Ambassadors in person and asked her about the experience. Mariana Mena, an outstanding student athlete who has won Scholar Athlete of the Year, majors in Independent Studies and is due to graduate this upcoming spring of 2017. When asked why she likes the experience, she said, “It’s allowed me to learn a lot about communicating with others, and I overcame my shyness when it comes to talking to strangers. It taught me great leadership qualities, and allowed me to become more aware of the events around campus. Personally, getting involved with open houses was fun, and you could see the appreciation in people’s faces when they got to learn about the school through a student’s perspective.” She encouraged me to join as well, because SUNY Ulster gives you an opportunity to learn about college life before you move onto a huge college, get involved and educated, and allows you to meet people you probably wouldn’t have classes with. Best of all, it looks great on a college resume!

To learn more about becoming a Student Admissions Ambassador, contact Lucia Pecore at

If you want to talk to a Student Ambassador firsthand, Mariana Mena can be contacted at

And, if you want to schedule a campus tour with a Student Admissions ambassador, go to the Visit page on our website to set up an appointment.

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