Stories of SUNY Ulster — Nate

By Alex Bennett & Ariana Lawlor


“This is my second semester of freshman year at SUNY Ulster. Right now, my major is Individual Studies, but I intend to go into anthropology. It’s a broad discipline that connects cultural aspects — what our culture is — and the psychological mindset that people have. I like studying human beings. I’m interested in the sub-discipline of biological anthropology, so I’m particularly interested in the structures of humans, although I like behavioral anthropology too.

I consider SUNY Ulster to be the place where I began furthering my education in anthropology. They have been very supportive of my endeavors. I’m really happy that SUNY Ulster is here because, at the end of high school, things happened, and I wasn’t able to go away to college. So, SUNY Ulster has been very supportive in that. The faculty and staff are very helpful too in helping me to achieve what I want to do. I can talk to professors that I feel close to, and they are always writing me recommendations for colleges. So, they are involving themselves with me and with my life.”

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