Stories of SUNY Ulster — Cora

By Alex Bennett & Ariana Lawlor


“I’ve been described as an ‘old soul’. I love to write. I love to paint oil on canvas. I love to just make things. I don’t really know what I want to do or where I want to go from here, but for now, I’m just trying to have fun being myself. I’m a chill gal. Not too glamorous. Not too complicated. I’m a little unconventional, and I think I might even be a little frazzled at times. I think I can be off-putting to some professors and some students, but it’s been received really well here at SUNY Ulster. I think everyone, whether it’s the professors or the people in my class who I’ve bonded with, goes out of their way to support me. The community lends itself to that outspoken individuality. Or perhaps my personality lends itself to the community. Either way, it’s really nice to have those people who receive me and to have a space to be received in.

For that reason, I love the community here at SUNY Ulster. I’m always impressed by the people I meet. There isn’t an entirely clear dichotomy between who’s student and who’s faculty here because I feel like there’s a lot of support in every area of the school. I came here from high school, where I knew everyone because we had gone to school together from kindergarten onward. That familiarity, though, was so limiting because, outside of each other, we knew nothing. So, in coming to SUNY Ulster, it was shocking, and I remember being like, ‘Wow, people are people, and there are so many more of them than I could have ever imagined!” It really was shocking. I didn’t really know anybody, and it was scary at first. I felt so alone. But I’ve discovered that just by reaching out in a small way, if you make one connection, you make a million connections. That’s been great! I’m still not completely adjusted to it, but it’s been encouraging because I make more and more connections each and every day.”

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