Math Rocks At SUNY Ulster

Jacob Arduino Places Third in State Math Competition

SUNY Ulster's Math Team in 2015

It’s not every day you hear of students volunteering to take tests. But that’s what has happened year after year with the New York State Mathematics Association of Two Year Colleges (NYSMATYC) statewide test.

This year, more than 30 students took the spring exam, continuing a trend of strong interest over recent years. Our team placed 8th in the state and Jacob Arduino came in third overall in the competition, vying against students from 32 other community colleges, including large ones in New York City.

While SUNY Ulster consistently performs high in the rankings and took top honors in the state in 2011-2012, what’s most impressive to the faculty is the voluntary participation. SUNY Ulster Math Professor Jules Albertini couldn’t be prouder of the students and campus culture here that has made math accessible to all and fun.

“These students voluntarily gave their time to work on problem solving skills, test taking strategies as well as mathematics,” said Albertini, also faculty advisor to the Math Club. “They represent a community of learners.”

Students participating were:

Caroline E. Alsdorf, Jacob Arduino, Nolan Bastianelli, Jacob Berryann, Samantha Bruck, Carrigan Buhler, John Campbell, Victoria Cymbal, Paddy Defino, Luke Duffy, Tara Fitzgerald, Juravell Fontes-Janusz, Isaac Goldowitz, Joe Gust, Kevin Hayes, Elyssia Johnan, Lia Krempl, Benson Lam, Sean McCabe, Lauren Mead, Mario Mena, Eric Milczewski, Christian Pavlov, Nathan Potolsky, Nick Ramsell, Christopher Reffelt, Alexis Ricci, Amy Rogers, Dave Rothe, Phway Sandi San, Myles Santiago, Cassidy Schuman, Thiha W. Shein, Brandon Spang, Nicole Spizzo, Ryan Staffiero, Jeremy Tremper, Maxwell Van Kleeck, William Weronick and Nicole Wronkoski.

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