14 Reasons Why SUNY Ulster is Awesome

Happy SUNY Ulster students on bleachers


  1. You have time to find yourself and what you really want.
  2. Team spirit-we have athletics too. 
  3. Dorm Life is not that awesome, or cheap. 
  4. You can make a difference instantly. Get involved in a better campus life right away by participating in a club or student government, going on a leadership retreat, tutoring fellow students, or joining the math team. Advisors can also link you up with community programs to be involved with. 
  5. Massive student debt doesn’t have to be part of your future. Over $180,000 in scholarships are awarded each year to incoming, returning and transferring students.
  6. Flexible schedules are awesome.
  7. You can actually get to know your professors.
  8. Start Here – Go Far. Our transfer office will customize a plan so you can transfer to almost any four-year college or university you want. Our students often transfer to some of the top universities in the nation. Use your community college experience to take you where you want to be. Add an internship while attend SUNY Ulster to boost your resume.
  9. In High School? Start Now Towards College Success. Programs with credits for high school students let you get a head start on a degree.
  10. Make friends for life.
  11. Nationally Recognized as Military Friendly. SUNY Ulster is ranked among the most military-friendly schools in the nation.
  12. Career Programs -Getting You Right to Work. Career programs such as Vet Tech, Criminal Justice, Drafting, Surveying and Entrepreneurship make you job-ready in just two years.
  13. An International Community College. SUNY Ulster has a permanent research facility on the Amazon where you can go during Winter*net or Summer Session to study Tropical Field Ecology. Can’t afford to study abroad? SUNY Ulster has classes that partner with classes in other countries such as Brazil and Lebanon via technology.
  14. Internships Available Now. You don’t have to wait umtil your junior year to do an internship. SUNY Ulster students have interned at lots of resume-building institutions including MTV, the Museum of Natural History and Disney.


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